About us

Ken-tees.com are the first consumer driven tee-shirt Creator and supplier in east Africa and…. Perhaps the first in Africa !!

We produce both our own Cool n’ Funky designs and also designs submitted by our many loyal and progressive customers too. We do it all with a really fast turn-around time and with TOP quality results every time.

The KEN-TEES.com ethos is that we only produce what “YOU” the public want to see and vote for so it’s a really truly democratic process and promotes young African designers. It gives them an unprecedented forum to show the world their fantastic and creative DESIGNS and allows them to make an income from it too so they can pursue a career from home.

We cater for special events or occasions (rugby/football matches/tournaments, football, Sports, Fundraisers, Charities, etc.) as well as Production of WORKWEAR and branding for the NGO and other sectors with reduced rates for startup businesses.

KEN-TEES.COM is a ‘ZERO CORRUPTION’ company and wants to contribute to the future and prosperity of Africa with its biggest asset…..The Youth !!